We specialize in rigorous program evaluations that meet the US Department of Education requirements. Our work uses sophisticated statistical methods integrating data from federal, state and local longitudinal databases with information on program implementation, measures of change in school and classroom processes, and qualitative data collected from teachers and classrooms. Thus our studies can go well beyond the overall student achievement outcomes to examine finer grained program results at the school and classroom levels and for subgroups based on student and teacher characteristics. Using mediation analyses, we are able to understand the contribution of process measures of educational practices. Our data mining and value-added analyses help our clients with descriptive evaluations and needs assessments. The many services we can provide our clients are specified in our Services and Products page.

Protection of Human Subjects. We maintain the highest standards required by the US ED and by university-based research. Our Federal Wide Approval is maintained by the US Department of Health and Human Services. Our research protocols have current approvals from the institutional review board operated by Ethical and Independent Review Services (E&I). We always give precedence to any additional requirements of the school districts in which we work. Please click here to download our statement for the protection of research participants.


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