Free Program Pilots for Interested School Districts

Each year, Empirical Education conducts studies on the effectiveness of educational products and programs in classrooms across the country. Publishers fund these studies in school districts like yours, because they believe that their products and programs—on-line curricula, professional development, interactive whiteboards, graphing calculators, etc.—will greatly improve student achievement in reading, mathematics, English language learning, and other subjects.

If there are areas where you would like to see improvement in your schools, consider how your students and teachers might benefit by taking part in one of these free trials. You could continue using your current programs in some of your schools (or with some of your teachers) while trying the new product in other schools (or with other teachers). Eventually, all teachers will receive their own complimentary version of the program.

Sign up now to indicate your interest in participating in future program pilots.

You are not obligated to participate in any studies and we cannot guarantee that we will have available the type of product that you are looking for. As trials come up that appear to match your needs, a researcher will contact you to ask if you would like to learn more about that particular study. If you have more specific questions, visit our FAQ page.


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