Who we are includes researchers, data analysts, and engineers focused on k-12 schools

Our Mission

At Empirical Education Inc., our mission is to promote effective and equitable education by providing research services and context-relevant evaluations of programs, products, and policies that empower educators and bring about impactful solutions.

Who We Work With

We bring research, data analysis, engineering, and project management expertise to a diverse range customers including edtech companies and their investors, the U.S. Department of Education, foundations, leading research organizations, and state and local education agencies. Over the last twenty years, we have worked with school systems to conduct dozens of rigorous experiments. Over the last decade, we've been offering services to edtech companies for fast turn-around and low-cost impact studies of their products.

What We Do

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Why work with us?

Why work for us?

A career at Empirical Education offers a unique opportunity to make an impactful difference in education. We’re a small company, which means we provide exposure to a variety of different projects and offer opportunities for growth and significant responsibility. Our team members collaborate, think creatively, and improve the lives of K-12 students and teachers throughout the country.

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At Empirical Education, we believe that everyone at every stage of their lives should have access to effective and inclusive learning experiences. Knowledge should comprise all identities, cultures, and perspectives allowing students to achieve their highest potential.

We assert that education is a human right.

Our work with researchers, educators, government agencies, developers, and students converges all facets of the education sector to cultivate more equitable access to learning. We consider this challenge an obligation, as we work to give students and educators the opportunities to thrive in a constantly evolving world.