Correlational Reportsare designed to meet ESSA Evidence Tier 3

Student Correlational Report

Student Correlational Reports, based on the past years’ usage data in a single U.S. school district, are designed to meet ESSA Evidence Tier 3: promising evidence. We work with a district that was identified by the Footprint and Feasibility process. This minimizes the level of effort by using data collected from the prior school year, which keeps the cost of this study low. Student usage data are matched with district data (demographics and student classroom or school assignments).

If we do not have enough users and non-users in a district to achieve baseline equivalence for a Student Impact Report, we can provide you with a Student Correlational Report that will meet ESSA Evidence standards for Tier 3.

What Questions Does The Student Correlational Report Answer?

The Student Correlational Report answers these questions.

What is the product’s impact on student performance as implemented in this district?

Was the impact stronger or weaker for different types of students?

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