IXL MathImpact in Oregon’s Beaverton School District

IXL Math Impact in Oregon’s Beaverton School District

This study examines the effectiveness of IXL Math in Oregon’s Beaverton School District. Math achievement on the Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills for students using IXL was compared to matched comparison group of students not using IXL.

Study type: student level

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Are the Findings Likely to Apply to Districts Like Yours?

Demographic characteristics of IXL Math students in the study sample 4th grade 5th grade
Asian 8.0% 9.2%
African American 6.7% 8.4%
Hispanic 50.4% 45.6%
Native American / Alaskan 0.8% 0.4%
Economically Disadvantaged (FRPL program) 74.7% 76.2%
English Language Learner 37.1% 24.3%
Talented and Gifted 1.7% 0.8%

Subgroup Differences

Did outcomes vary by characteristics of the students or classroom?

  • Student demographic subgroups benefitted equally from IXL (small differences were not significant).
  • Fifth grade students benefitted more from IXL than 4th grade students.