Pathways to Impactmeets ESSA evidence level 4

Every Student Succeeds Act evidence

wordle from our logic model workshop

When we meet education organizations who are in the initial stages of compiling evidence of efficacy for their product, one option is to start with our Pathways to Impact report.

This report is designed to meet an essential component of The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) evidence Tier 4: demonstrates a rationale.

The other component of the ESSA requirements for Tier 4 evidence is to have a plan to continue researching the product or program, which we offer as well.

Pathways to Impact report

The Pathways to Impact process involves a collaboration between our researchers and the educational organization to create a program logic model, develop a series of theory of action statements, and link core program components from that logic model with existing research showing relevant expected outcomes. The result is a Pathways to Impact report that education organizations can redesign using their branding and publish on their website to show clients and potential new customers that they have evidence that meets the Tier 4 ESSA requirements.

If you’re interested in talking with our team about starting a research journey together to build a portfolio of evidence for your product, email us.

Below are examples of Pathways to Impact reports we've completed for clients.

Discovery Education

Discovery Education logic model

2022 Pathways to Impact report for Discovery Education


EVERFI logic model

2022 Pathways to Impact report for EVERFI


SchoolsPLP logic model

2023 Pathways to Impact report for SchoolsPLP

Other ESSA Evidence Levels

In addition to producing evidence that meets ESSA Tier 4, we also partner with organizations who are further along in their research journey. Sometimes, that's partnering on a proposal for funding further research, and sometimes that's providing low-cost, quick turnaround reports that qualify for ESSA levels 2 and 3 evidence.

Our team works closely with the ESSA definitions and has become experts in the ESSA requirements, as well as WWC requirements. To learn more, visit our webpage all about the ESSA levels of evidence.

Do you have specific questions about ESSA evidence for your program? Contact us.