SEED Evaluationsare one type of grant program that we partner on.

Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED)

Empirical Education is thoroughly familiar with the Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) RFP requirements. The evaluation component of any application process is pivotal to success. SEED reviewers look for grant proposals that use third-party researchers to conduct the evaluations to ensure that the results are both viable and reliable. A small number of score points can be the difference to making the cut. Our extensive experience conducting rigorous educational research and evaluations has equipped us with comprehensive strategies for success with SEED proposals. We are ready to work with your organization on creating a winning proposal for this competition. Contact us today to discuss options.

Our Approach

Looking Forward

We are looking forward to becoming part of your winning team in the next round of SEED grant applications. Let us use our experience and success to improve your chances.

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Our Latest Evaluations!

Empirical Education is pleased to announce that we have successfully written evaluation plans for four winning proposals with Georgia State University (GSU) (one in the 2022 competition, two in the 2020 competition, and one in the 2017 competition). Over the last five years, we have partnered with GSU to evaluate the Collaboration and Reflection to Enhance Atlanta Teacher Effectiveness (CREATE) 3-year residency program for early career teachers. Our evaluation provides CREATE with rich process and formative feedback as they implement, and summative research reports on the impact of their program on teacher and student outcomes.

“The plan exceeds the expectations that comprehensive evaluation measures will be employed, therefore ensuring the success of the plan.”
(SEED reviewer comments)
“The evaluation plan to which the methods of evaluation include the use of objective performance measures that are clearly related to the intended outcomes of the project and will produce quantitative and qualitative data to the extent possible is clearly written.” (SEED reviewer comments)
“The applicant provides a thorough narrative about how the methods of evaluation will, if implemented well, produce evidence about the project's effectiveness that would meet the WWC standards without reservations as described in the WWC Handbook..” (SEED reviewer comments)
“The applicant has provided a strong evaluation plan that includes appropriate methods of evaluation.”
(SEED reviewer comments)

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