U.S. Department of Education

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We do a lot of work on grants and contracts originating with the U.S. Department of Education (ED). We have been involved with the Invest in Innovation (i3) program from its inception (rebranded as the EIR grant program), serving as evaluators on five awards. We helped the awardees with perfect scores on the evaluation proposals. We have also been very active in the Regional Education Labs, working with six of the ten labs over the last 10 years, conducting both RCTs and workshops.

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What people say

It’s not easy to get teachers to answer your survey, but Empirical Education have roughly a 95 percent return rate from teachers through their methods. Ruth Schoenbach, WestEd

The evaluation team, Empirical Education, has the expertise and experience to complete the project with a high degree of integrity. i3 reviewer

I have never seen such thoughtful and extensive evaluations. Dr. P. David Pearson, UC Berkeley